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FOI Request: 120974

Received: 26 January 2023

Division: Serving Crofting

Status: Completed

1. Can I get a copy of the letter to Mrs Bisset from the Crofting Commission stating croft was never signed over to my Father Alexander MacPhee (timeline May 1974-Sept1974) 2. Also when did the law change about the eldest son inherits the croft. 3. Can you also send any details on file of who ordered the Compulsory Purchase order on Part of the Croft 1950’s to1960s 4. What was the reason for the Compulsory Purchase order 5. Who ordered the compulsory purchase order at the Crofting Commission, Landlord or Council 6. Can you also tell me is it illegal to compulsory purchase ground then set up a business privately on it. 7. Copy of the letter between the Landlord and Crofting Commission about the CPO 8. Copy of the rent paid and any comments when the Crofting Commission appeared at the croft and took my details (Dec 1974-Sept1975).

Decision: Partial Release 24 February 2023

S16(1) Some information was provided, but other information was withheld or was not held by the authority (partial). Due to an exemption under Section 38 – Personal Data

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