The Crofting Commission regulates
and promotes the interests of crofting in Scotland
to secure the future of crofting.

Information & Support

Farm Advisory Service

Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service (FAS) is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) which is co-funded by the EU and Scottish Government, providing information and resources aimed at increasing the profitability and sustainability of farms and crofts. The FAS website can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink; Home - Farm Advisory Service | Helping farmers in Scotland | Farm Advisory Service (

Scottish Crofting Federation

Established and run by crofters themselves, SCF is dedicated to campaigning for crofters and fighting for the future of crofting. By actively engaging with agencies and government at local, national and international levels, they influence policy on rural, agricultural, social, environmental issues. Originally set up in 1985 as the Scottish Crofters Union, the organisation continues to protect and promote the interests of crofters and the crofting community. The SCF website can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink; Crofting Home - Scottish Crofting Federation

National Farmers Union Scotland

Here you can find the latest on NFU Scotland’s work on Crofting by clicking on the hyperlink; NFU Scotland | National Farmers Union, Scotland

The Cross Party Group on Crofting

The purpose of this Cross-party group is to discuss items of policy that affect crofting and to bring issues to the attention of MSPs. Click on this hyperlink for further details including the groups membership and meeting minutes and agendas. Crofting | Scottish Parliament Website

The Crofting Stakeholder Forum 

The forum made up representatives from: Scottish Crofting Federation, NFUS, Crofting Commission, Scottish Land & Estates, SAC Consulting, Scottish Land Court, COSLA, Woodland Crofts Partnership and Croft Woodlands Project, NatureScot, Highlands and Islands Enterprise & Registers of Scotland. The forum played a pivotal role in the production of the of the National Development Plan for Crofting published in 2021 which can be accessed by clicking on the following hyperlink: Crofting: national development plan - (

Scottish Government Rural Payment & Service

Here you will find details of the different funding schemes open to crofters through the Scottish Government. To access the Rural Payments & Services website, click on the hyperlink; Rural Payments and Services

Scotland's Rural College (SRUC)

Here you will find the details of the support that SRUC advisors offers to crofters. To access the SRUC website, click on the hyperlink; Home | SRUC

Scottish Livestock Traceability EID Research (ScotEID)

ScotEID is the organisation which deal with livestock movements and traceability. To access the ScotEID website click on the hyperlink; Home | ScotEID

Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA)

SOPA is the Leading body for organic farming in Scotland. To access the SOPA website, click on the hyperlink; Scottish Organic Producers Association (

The Prince's Countryside Fund

The Prince's Countryside Fund offers a range of help and support for rural communities. To access the website click on the hyperlink; Home - The Prince's Countryside Fund (

Business Gateway 

Business Gateway is the main business advisory and support organisation in Scotland. Business Gateway contributes to the economic well being of Scotland by providing access to free business support services. To access the Business Gateway website, click on the hyperlink; Business Gateway | Business Gateway (

DigitalBoost | Business Gateway ( 

Businesses can attend free webinars, get support from a digital consultant, and advice & tips to help their business and platforms do more with digital. To access this scheme click on the hyperlink; DigitalBoost | Business Gateway (

Zero Waste Scotland 

Zero Waste Scotland will lead Scotland to use products and resources responsibly, making Scotland a pioneer of the circular economy. ZWS aims to achieve the reduction in the environmental impact from consuming products and materials. To access the Zero Waste Scotland website click on the hyperlink; Zero Waste Scotland

Scottish Government SME Loan | Zero Waste Scotland 

SME Loans for resource efficiency measures. Reduce your bills, cut your carbon. For more information on the SME Loan fund click on the hyperlink; Scottish Government SME Loan | Zero Waste Scotland

Working for yourself - GOV.UK ( 

For information on what it means to work for yourself, please click on the hyperlink to the HMRC website; Working for yourself - GOV.UK (

Please see the Crofting Commission's page “Where can I get help”  for links to further organisations that offer help and support for new and existing crofters, by clicking on the hyperlink; Useful Links | Crofting Commission (

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