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The Crofting Commission regulates
and promotes the interests of crofting in Scotland
to secure the future of crofting.

Contacting Us

Before contacting the Crofting Commission please first view the options below as you may find the answer to your question immediately.  If you click on the question it will expand so you can see the answer.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application once it has been checked and validated. We also have a list of applications received here. This list is updated on a weekly basis, so you may wish to check that list before contacting us.

We will contact you at each stage of the application process to advise you of progress, for example we will send you an acknowledgment letter once the application is validated, we will let you know if there have been any submissions as a result of the public notification and let you know if we need to get a report from SGRPID etc.

Please remember if your application was sent to us by an agent working on your behalf, it will be the agent who we correspond with.

All our application forms and guidance notes are available on this website  

Please read all the information carefully to make sure you are using the correct form as this is a common reason for us having to return applications. Another of the main reasons we have to return applications is errors in the accompanying maps so please make sure the maps meet the necessary requirements.

Timescales will depend on the type of application and if there are negative submissions following the public notification period.  It will also be dependent on whether or not your croft is registered with Registers of Scotland.   

You may want to check the information in our Register of Crofts Online where you can access details about your croft.

The  Commission assess the validity of croft registration applications and collect and pay all application fees to the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland.   All application forms and mapping requirements can be found on the Registers of Scotland website.

You can also view who should register and when,-and-when

Few croft tenancies come on to the market and when they do they are in great demand. Prospective crofters can look for tenancies in local newspapers or may contact crofting solicitors or estate agents to register their interest. Some have found a croft by placing a 'wanted' advertisement in the relevant local newspaper. The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) is compiling a list of those interested in acquiring a croft and will provide information on how to find a croft and vacant crofts available. If you wish to be in this initiative please contact 01599 530005.

We do not own any crofts and on the few occasions where we take action to let a croft tenancy we advertise and invite interest for the tenancy in a local newspaper.

You will find a lot of information on crofting throughout this website, and also in our Register of Crofts Online    You can also search our general Frequently Asked Questions page which lists questions under topic headings 

Our Commissioners

If you haven't found the information you want in the sections above, you can contact us using the details below. 

We are now able to accept visitors to our office, but appointments must be made in advance.  As the majority of our staff now work primarily from home, we will not be able to offer assistance to anyone without an arranged appointment.

If you wish to ask for an appointment, please contact us on 01463 663439 and describe the nature of the matter you wish to discuss.  We will then let you know if we can offer you an appointment or if another organisation is better placed to help you.

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