The Crofting Commission regulates
and promotes the interests of crofting in Scotland
to secure the future of crofting.

Freedom of Information (FOI) 

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 gives you the right to request information from us and for it to be given to you unless there are good reasons not to do so.

How to request information

FOI requests should be made in writing (which includes email) and sent to: Crofting Commission, Great Glen House, Leachkin Road, Inverness, IV3 8NW or email:  and insert FOI into the subject heading.  Please ensure you provide your name, an address or email address for correspondence and if possible a telephone number. 

You will find our guidance on vexatious or repeated requests here

You can find out more about your rights and tips for requesting information under FOI on the Scottish Information Commissioners website.

Will there be a fee?

We do not usually charge for making requests or for providing information but we may charge if the request imposes unreasonable and significant demands on the financial and human resources of our organisation.  You will find a copy of our Charging Policy here


We will respond to your request within 20 working days. However if a request is complex or involves large amounts of information, meeting this deadline may not always be possible.  Where we are not able to respond to your request within the deadline, we will contact you to explain why and advise that we are working on providing you with a response. 

Your right to review and appeal

If we have handled your request under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and you are unhappy with our response, tell us why within 40 working days, and it will be looked at afresh. We will aim to provide you with our review response within 20 working days. 

If you remain unhappy with our response, you then have the right to appeal to the Scottish Information Commissioner.  You should keep copies of all the correspondence you have had with us, as if you decide to appeal to the Scottish Information Commissioner you will be asked to provide these. 
The Scottish Information Commissioner, Kinburn Castle, Doubledykes Road, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9DS  Telephone: 01334 464610

The Scottish Information Commissioner has now launched a new online appeal service the service is available 24/7 and offers requesters help and advice about their appeal.

FOI Requests

In the table below if you click on the date responded it will expand to show details of the request.

If you would like to see the full response issued on any of the cases listed below please email  quoting the relevent case number when making your request.


Case NoRequestStatusResponse
Please could you supply me with the following information on gender balance in the organisation? 1. ...
Completed 30/3/21
I wish to submit to the organisation a freedom of information request relating to: 1. Contact Centr...
Completed 25/3/21
Request for all information in this case (89115), and any previous apportionment cases (also if you ...
Completed 29/3/21
Request for a copy of all correspondence between the current owner/tenant and the Crofting Commissio...
Completed 25/3/21
Request for a list of common grazings, their file references and where registered their registration...
Completed 8/3/21
A list of all common grazings (with their Crofting Register No. or Crofting Commission No.) which ar...
Completed 26/2/21
To advise if the Commission hold the accounts for the Bohuntin Common Grazings Committee, also to ha...
Completed 16/2/21
Request for details of the amount of subsidies and grants awarded to Bohuntin Sheep Stock Club, Bohu...
Completed 19/1/21
Request for a copy of the historical file held for Crofts 1 and 2 Manish, Isle of Harris and any cop...
Completed 29/12/20
Request for the number of crofts within the Parish of Durness which have owner/occupier crofters, cr...
Completed 21/12/20
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