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FOI Request: 112839 (REVIEW)

Received: 13 October 2021

Division: Serving Crofting

Status: Completed

Request for an internal review of Crofting Commission's handling of 'FOI Request For Vacant Crofts'. The request plainly asks for a list of vacant crofts sorted by region along with the contact details of the owner or managing authority. No specification of whether or not those crofts were classified legally vacant but used by a non-resident owner were made and thus this distinction is out of the remit of this request.

Decision: Partial Release 12 November 2021

Your original request for ‘a list of any vacant crofts in Scotland by region and the contact details of their respective owners/managers’, was responded to on 07 October 2021. You were provided with a number breakdown of all vacant crofts in Scotland, including the definition if what constitutes a vacant croft to highlight that not all ‘vacant’ crofts are in fact ‘empty’ and it was explained that the Commission is unable to provide an itemised list of such crofts. Our inability to provide the information as set out in the request is due to how our data is held and the Commission is unable to quantify its records in such a manner. As a result, I can confirm that the original decision of your request still stands. Additionally, should you be able to provide a specific enough area e.g. a township, it may be possible to provide localised information in keeping with the scope of the request, however this cannot be guaranteed.

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