The Crofting Commission regulates
and promotes the interests of crofting in Scotland
to secure the future of crofting.

Annual Notice (Crofting Census)

The Crofting Commission is required to give notice to crofters to make an annual declaration regarding their croft through the Crofting Census.  This is a legislative duty which was implemented as part of the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010.

Crofters are asked to provide information on whether they are complying with their duties.  This will help to establish a clear picture of the current state of crofting and enable the Commission to build up the evidence base for the value of crofting.  With the information provided, the Commission will be able to better understand and raise issues facing the future of crofting.

As of the 2021 Annual Notice all returns must be completed digitally online. Links and a QR code to take you to the portal will be included on your census letter, and there are also links to the census return page on our home page. From the 8th of January 2024 the online portal will open, which can be accessed by clicking this link, and you can complete your return as soon as you recevied your letter containing your unique passcode in the mail.

Crofters can contribute to the future of their crofts and communities by:

  • Completing the Crofting Census and providing the Commission with valuable information
  • Understanding their responsibilities as a crofter
  • Making sure they fulfil the duties of a crofter
  • Taking steps to put things right if they are not fulfilling their duties.

What are the duties of a crofter?

  • A duty to be a resident on, or within 32 kilometres of, their croft
  • A duty not to neglect their croft
  • A duty to cultivate and maintain their croft or to put it to another purposeful use

The Crofting Commission are on hand to support and advise crofters on the various options available to them in complying with their duties. 

You can view the frequently asked questions about the census, and download the leaflet on Crofters Duties for more information. You can also view our Crofting Census Privacy Notice.

The 2023 census will be issued in January 2024 and all crofters must complete their return digitally by 8 April 2024.   

If you have any questions please call, or email, and we’ll be happy to assist you with your query. T:01463 663439  E:  

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