The Crofting Commission regulates
and promotes the interests of crofting in Scotland
to secure the future of crofting.

FOI Request: 108631

Received: 01 February 2021

Division: Serving Crofting

Status: Completed

A list of all common grazings (with their Crofting Register No. or Crofting Commission No.) which are subject to an environmental designation such as Special Protection Area (SPA), Special Area of Conservation (SAC), Ramsar Convention designation for migratory birds, Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or a national landscape designations such as National Scenic Areas (NSAs) with the site code and name if known

Decision: Release 26 February 2021

While the Crofting Commission can provide you with a list of Common Grazings, their file references and where registered their registration number, the information you require regarding Special Protection Areas, Special Areas of Conservation, Ramsar Convention designations, Sites of Special Scientific Interest or National Scenic Areas is not held by the Commission. However, you may wish to contact NatureScot at who may be able to help you further.

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