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Crofting Commission Underlines Importance of Ferry Access for Island Crofters in Response to Scottish Government PlansĀ 


The Crofting Commission has today, Monday 6th of May 2024, submitted its response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Islands Connectivity Plan: Strategic Approach and Vessels and Ports Plan. The response highlights the critical role of reliable and cost-effective ferry services for crofting communities across Scotland's islands and peninsulas. 

“Crofting is a cornerstone of island life and culture,” said Gary Campbell, CEO of the Crofting Commission. “Ensuring crofters have access to dependable and affordable transport links is essential for their livelihoods and the continued success of crofting businesses.” 

The Crofting Commission’s response emphasises two key points: 

Recognition of Crofting Needs: The Commission urges the Scottish Government to formally recognise crofters and crofting communities within the transport planning process. Their specific requirements for moving livestock, equipment, and produce must be factored into decisions regarding ferry schedules, capacity, and pricing. 

Utilising Local Expertise: The Crofting Commission proposes that common grazings committees, which manage shared grazing land on behalf of crofters, be utilised as a valuable resource. These committees possess a deep understanding of the commercial and social transport needs of crofting communities and can provide crucial insights to inform effective transport policy. 

“The Crofting Commission stands ready to work collaboratively with the Scottish Government,” said Gary Campbell. “By ensuring crofting voices are heard and their needs addressed, we can develop a robust transport strategy that strengthens island communities and fosters the continued prosperity of crofting.” 

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