The Crofting Commission regulates
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to secure the future of crofting.

Protecting the Future of Crofting: Upholding the Spirit of the Legislation


To the Editor,

There is a recognised concern within the crofting community regarding the recent advertisement of sale of a croft tenancy seemingly based on market value in Knoydart, as reported in your newspaper on the 27th of March 2024.

The assignation of a crofting tenancy follows a specific process. One of the functions that we have as the Crofting Commission is to regulate this process, I’d like to make clear to readers that any assignation must be approved by us. This ensures the suitability of the proposed new crofter and protects the long-term sustainability of crofting communities. Whilst we have no locus to intervene in the matter of assignations being sold on the property market, we do have a duty to reflect any concerns of the crofting community that sales such as these may not accord with the spirit of the legislation. However, we have no real influence over the price that such tenancies are sold for.

Crucially, successful candidates for a crofting tenancy must demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling the three pillars of crofting:

Residence: The new crofter must ensure that they are resident within 32km of the croft.

Cultivation: The land must be used productively for agricultural purposes.

Not to misuse and neglect: The new crofter should contribute to the wider crofting community and its shared goals in addition to ensuring that their croft is kept in good condition.

The Crofting Commission plays a vital role in safeguarding the future of crofting. Our approval process for tenancy assignation was designed to ensure tenancies go to individuals and families who understand and value the unique responsibilities associated with crofting.

We urge all stakeholders to uphold the spirit of the crofting legislation. Our aim is the continuation of this valuable tradition by ensuring croft tenancies are assigned to those committed to the future of prosperous and vibrant crofting communities.


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