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Crofting Commission Calls for Recognition of Crofting in Scottish Government’s Food Strategy


The Crofting Commission has today, Monday 22nd of April 2024, responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the National Good Food Nation Plan. The Commission welcomes the plan’s focus on creating a sustainable and secure food system for Scotland, but has stressed the importance of recognising crofting’s role in achieving this goal.

“Crofting is a unique and valuable part of Scotland’s agricultural sector,” said Gary Campbell, Chief Executive of the Crofting Commission. “Crofters play a vital role in providing high-quality, locally produced food across the crofting counties and beyond; particularly in remote and rural areas. There is much made of the global issue of ‘food miles’ which, due to the nature of crofting, is already addressed in a sustainable manner by a system that has contributed to food production at a local and regional level in a sustainable manner for more than a century. ”

The Crofting Commission’s response to the consultation highlights two key areas:

Recognition of Crofting: The Commission calls for the National Good Food Nation plan to explicitly recognise the contribution that crofting makes to local food production and the importance of crofters in strengthening Scotland’s food system.

Addressing Food Access in Remote Areas: The consultation response also emphasises the challenges faced by many Crofting communities in accessing affordable, high-quality food. The Crofting Commission urges the Scottish Government to consider how the National Good Food Nation Plan can address these specific needs.

“Crofting has the potential to be an even greater contributor to Scotland’s food security,” said Gary. “By recognising the challenges and opportunities facing crofters in the National Good Food Nation Plan, the Scottish Government can ensure that this vital sector thrives and benefits communities across the country.”

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