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Decrofting Directions have been added to our ROC Online


As of today entries in the ROC Online will hold details of historic decrofting Directions that have been issued in respect of the crofts.  Historic in this case means all decrofting Directions from 1977 up to and including the 31/08/2019. 

Decrofting Directions between 1955 and 1976 were issued by the Secretary of State for Scotland and are not held by the Commission and are not currently available online, if you require a Direction that was issued during that period you should contact the Agricultural Development & Crofting Branch, D Spur, Saughton House, Broomhouse Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 3XD  T: 0300 244 4000.

Directions in the ROC Online will be listed against the croft entry and appear in chronological order, with the oldest presented at the top of the list.  Information on new Directions will be uploaded to the ROC Online on a quarterly basis.

However, you should note:

Advance of purchase Directions will not be displayed online until the area has been purchased from the landlord, in such cases the following message will appear

“There may be advance of purchase applications outstanding against this croft which will not be available online until they are effected. Please contact the Crofting Commission if you require further details.”

In instances where a decrofting Direction exists but the file is not in a format, as yet,  to display electronically in the ROC Online this message will appear

“File not available online yet, please contact the Crofting Commission if this is required”

There may also be some instances where you know a decrofting Direction has been issued but the ROC Online does not show the Direction and neither of the above messages appear.   If this happens please drop us a note  to so we can investigate.

A similar situation will occur where the whole of the  croft has been decrofted either in parts or as a whole.  In these circumstances the croft record is removed from the ROC as the land is no longer subject to crofting tenure and you should therefore contact us to obtain a copy of the decrofting direction(s).

We’ll continue to add to the information available through the ROC Online.  The next set of additions, planned for the spring, will be to include apportionment orders that have been granted.



Given last night’s announcement from the UK and Scottish Government the Crofting Commission’s office is now effectively closed.

Working without an office base presents us with many practical challenges and we will not be able to offer a normal service. We cannot deal with any new applications for the time being, though we will keep this under review. Meantime, our staff who continue to work from home, will process existing applications as far as possible.

You can continue to contact us by email Messages received in this inbox will find their way to the right person.

We cannot take phone calls on our normal office number or respond to any voicemails that are left on that number. Instead we have added mobile numbers to the Contact Us page of this website so crofters can continue to speak with us.

These are certainly unprecedented times and the proposals outlined above may change but we will keep you updated if they do.

Crofting Commission, Great Glen House, Leachkin Road, Inverness, IV3 8NW 



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