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Crofting makes a valuable contribution to the economic and social development of Scotland. 

2015-16 Crofting Figures

Total of 20,570 crofts

There are 20,570 crofts entered on the Commission’s RoC of which 15,056 are tenanted and the remainder are owned. The number of crofts on the RoC has increased by 5.9% from 2014-15. This increase is due to a Scottish Land Court ruling in 2012 that when a crofter purchases their croft land and the grazings shares pertaining to that croft remain held in tenancy, the shares are “deemed” to be a tenanted croft in their own right. The Crofting Commission has completed the separation of crofts and deemed crofts (grazings shares and, where appropriate, apportionments) in the RoC. 1,952 deemed crofts now have their own separate entry as a croft.

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Facts & Figures

2016 Crofting Census

We have issued the 2016 Crofting Census. Due to an error made by the mailing house, the incorrect envelope to return your Census form was sent out. If you have not already completed and returned your Crofting Census form you should receive a business reply label which is to be attached to the return envelope. If you have already sent in your Census form using the original envelope we will still receive it. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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