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Register of Crofts goes live


Today the Crofting Commission has launched its Register of Crofts (RoC) online giving the public direct access to the Register for the first time. 

Chief Executive, Bill Barron, said,  “This is a major step forward for the Commission. The Register of Crofts contains thousands of entries, detailing such things as the name, location, and extent of each individual croft.  Every year, we receive thousands of enquiries for information held in the Register, so public access to the information will greatly improve our service to customers.  The information available via the Register online will be updated on a daily basis and will be built on over time to include such things as decrofting directions and apportionment orders. “

Rod Mackenzie, Convener, went on to say, ”Although having public access to the Register of Crofts should prove invaluable to crofters, landlords and solicitors, we must remember the information contained within the Register is only as good as they make it.  We’d encourage people to go online and look at the details for their croft and if there is any information that they don’t think is correct to contact the Commission by emailing so the records can be checked and if necessary updated “

The Register of Crofts online is available via our website at   


Applications to the Commission

We are currently dealing with high volumes of applications to the Commission. As a result, we may not be able to acknowledge receipt of your application within our usual 5-day period. We apologise for this and appreciate your patience.

Looking for information? Have you tried the Register of Crofts online.

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