Commission urges Crofters to complete Census before deadline expires


With deadline day approaching, the Crofting Commission is reminding crofters that they are legally obliged to complete and return the Crofting Census, which was issued at the end of last year. Completed Crofting Census forms need to be returned by the 31 March 2017.

The Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 requires crofters to complete the Crofting Census each year and if they fail to provide the information without reasonable cause, by the date shown or knowingly provide false information they will be guilty of an offence under this Act. 

The 2016 Crofting Census forms have been well received, with many crofters understanding the benefit of providing the information and helping to establish a clear picture of the current state of crofting. 

Chief Executive of the Crofting Commission, Bill Barron, explains:

“I would like to thank all of those crofters who have returned their Crofting Census forms so far.  We have received over 11,000 completed census forms already which is more than last year and a 54% return rate.  The returns allow us to build a strong evidence base for the value of crofting and ensure that the information held on our Register of Crofts is as accurate as possible. 

“The Census also helps to identify if a crofter is not fulfilling their duties and the Commission can work with those crofters, providing guidance and assistance to help them solve the situation. 

“The Census forms are quick and easy to complete. If crofters require any support or guidance in completing their Census forms I would urge them to contact the Commission or visit page on this website.”

Crofting Commission, Great Glen House, Leachkin Road, Inverness, IV3 8NW 



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