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Apportionment is the term used when someone who shares in a common grazing wants to take part of the common grazing for their own exclusive use.

If you are intending to use the land for a development that requires planning consent, you must send us a copy of your planning consent or at least your planning reference with your application.

Please note: we have revised their procedure for applying for an individual apportionment of a Common Grazing. 

If you wish to use the Common Grazing for forestry purposes or for another purpose other than cultivation the Grazing Committee need to apply under Section 50 or Section 50B respectively of the Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993,

The apportionment application forms and guidance notes have been revised to reflect this change.  We will accept and process the old application forms up to 30 April 2017.

Delegated Decision Making Parameters

Apportionment (Section 52(4)) of the Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993


A straightforward approval can be made if:

The purpose for the apportionment is:

  • For stock management and the applicant currently has stock
  • An agricultural building (existing or proposed)
  • The site of an existing or proposed dwelling house which is    less than 0.2ha
  • Planting trees/use as woodlands for the exclusive use of the  crofter
  • The applicant is or will be ordinarily resident with 32 kilometres of the croft
  • There are no negative submissions from the landlord or owner of the      common grazings
  • There are no negative submissions from the grazings committee
  • There are no negative submission from shareholders
  • There are no concerns over access to the remainder of the common grazings or other croft land.

If any of these conditions are not met, the application will be escalated.          


Please ensure you submit your Registers of Scotland (RoS) Registration Application form along with your application, if required.

Please note that when you are completing the Registration Application for RoS you are required to advise them of persons who own/occupy any adjacent croft or land, as our ROC is not mapped based the Commission cannot assist you with this information.



Given last night’s announcement from the UK and Scottish Government the Crofting Commission’s office is now effectively closed.

Working without an office base presents us with many practical challenges and we will not be able to offer a normal service. We cannot deal with any new applications for the time being, though we will keep this under review. Meantime, our staff who continue to work from home, will process existing applications as far as possible.

You can continue to contact us by email Messages received in this inbox will find their way to the right person.

We cannot take phone calls on our normal office number or respond to any voicemails that are left on that number. Instead we have added mobile numbers to the Contact Us page of this website so crofters can continue to speak with us.

These are certainly unprecedented times and the proposals outlined above may change but we will keep you updated if they do.

Crofting Commission, Great Glen House, Leachkin Road, Inverness, IV3 8NW 



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