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Uilleam Neilson

Coimiseanair Taghte

Clàr Ùidhean:

Tiodhlacan is Aoigheachd: Chan eil

Pàigheadh: Coimiseanair, Coimisean na Croitearachd; Self employed W F Neilson (Agricultural Advisory)

Dreuchdan co-cheangailte eile: Chan eil

Cùnnraidhean: Chan eil

Taigh, Fearann is Togalaichean: 27 Cruachan Cottages (private dwelling); 2 Bonawe, Taynuilt

Co-roinnean is Tèarainteachdan:  Chan eil

Ùidhean Neo-ionmhasail: Member of NFU Scotland; Scottish Crofting Federation; Ordinary member of Scottish National    Party (donations consist of membership of £50 per annum paid - £132 paid from 2014 to December 2016).

Cosgaisean an Taghaidh: £529.96

Chiad Aithris Dèante: 04/05/17

Atharraichte mu dheireadh: 

Uilleam Neilson

Covid -19

The majority of our staff continue to work from home but we do NOT have access to our office at present. We will continue to give priority to applications that relate to statutory deadlines, or which concern a Crofting Register forms to notify the Commission that an event has taken place.

Approved Applications:

If you are a crofter who has had an application approved by the Commission within the last 3 months
Please read this important information regarding effecting Commission regulatory decisions.

Site visits are still not possible until the government eases the current restrictions on movement. Similarly, no hearings will take place until public meetings (with appropriate social distancing) can take place.

Where possible you should continue to contact us by email as although our reception line is operational it is not possible to transfer calls to staff who are working from home. However, staff will respond to any enquiries to our reception line by email.
November 2020.

Coimisean na Croitearachd, Taigh a’ Ghlinne Mhòir, Rathad na Leacainn, Inbhir Nis IV3 8NW

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