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FOI Request: 109361

Received: 10 March 2021

Division: Serving Crofting

Status: Completed

I wish to submit to the organisation a freedom of information request relating to: 1. Contact Centre/Call Centre Contracts (Contracts and Costs associating to all/any systems used to manage Inbound Contact to The Crofting Commission from Citizens. (i.e. Call/Telephony Management Systems, Email Management Services/software, Help Desk Agents and Hotlines etc.) 2. Inbound Network Services Contracts (by "Inbound Network Services", we are referring to Inbound Call, Telephony and Email Management Services, and any other inbound channels used by citizens to make contact with The Crofting Commission.) 3. Website Traffic Spend/Analysis (even if hosted by an Agency) a) Number of Visits per month (Average) b) Who is the supplier/agency/internal stakeholder responsible for hosting/maintaining and managing the website(s)? c) Does your organisation’s website(s) have an on-site search bar? - What Content Management System is your site-search connected to (if so)? - What is the Search Bar Utilisation? (If known, % of Website visitors) - Who is the Supplier/Owner of the on-site search on your website? Please send me the following information for each: 1. Incumbent Supplier: For each of the contract(s) can you please provide me with the supplier of the Contract? 2. Annual Average Spend: the annual average (over 3 years) spend for each supplier? 3. Who is the senior officer (outside of procurement) responsible for these contract areas (including website)?

Decision: Partial Release 25 March 2021

While we can provide you with the number of vacant crofts within a specific area we are unable to provide an itemised list. The number of crofts that are vacant legally under Section 23(10) of the Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993, is not the same as vacant physically i.e. empty. As many crofts that are legally vacant, the owner lives on and uses the croft, but because the owner is not an "owner-occupier crofter" in terms of the legislation, the croft is classified legally as vacant.

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