Tha Coimisean na Croitearachd a' riaghladh
agus ag adhartachadh mathas croitearachd ann an Alba
gus croitearachd a dhèanamh tèarainte san àm ri teachd.

Nominations for the 2022 Crofting Commission Elections are open now until 27th January at 5pm. For further information click here

Crofting Commission Elections 2022

Make your voice heard in the future of crofting

Every five years the Crofting Commission elects six new board members to the Commission, the next election will be held on the 17 March 2022.  The Crofting Commission acts as the Registration Officer for the elections.

To vote, a person's name needs to be in the Register of Crofts and/or the Crofting Register by 6 January 2022. The Crofting Electoral Register is based on information contained in the Commission's Register of Crofts (RoC) and/or the Crofting Register. If they are eligible, crofters will automatically be on the electoral register, if they are in the Register of Crofts on 6 January 2022.

The deadline for applications for proxy and absent votes is Friday 27 January 2022.  Please contact the Commission on if you would like to apply for a proxy vote, an absent vote or have any further queries. 


The elections will be administered by MiVoice. Bill Barron of the Crofting Commission is the Registration Officer, and Tony Slater of MiVoice is the Returning Officer. The Scottish Government, MiVoice and the Crofting Commission are working together to ensure a free, transparent and fair election process and to encourage a diverse range of candidates and high voter turnout.

We’re urging crofters to stand as candidates and to use their votes. The Commission is the regulator of the crofting system, with Commissioners responsible for promoting the interests of crofting and advising Scottish Ministers. The postal poll in March is being held to appoint Commissioners from the six crofting constituencies:

  • East Highlands
  • Orkney and Caithness
  • Shetland
  • South West Highlands
  • West Highlands
  • Western Isles

This is an important time to ensure a strong and vibrant future for crofters, and it’s vital to have a Crofting Commission made up of people who represent and reflect the interests and diversity of Scotland’s crofting community. You can stand for election or nominate someone you believe could represent crofting. You can also make sure you use your vote in March and play your part in helping to secure the future of crofting. 

Alongside the six elected Commissioners, there are also three other Commissioners who are directly appointed by the Scottish Ministers. All Commissioners have an equal role in leading the Crofting Commission. 

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