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Cruthachadh siostam air a dheagh riaghladh a tha a' cur gu dearbhach ri seasmhachd nan coimhearsnachdan dùthchail.

Tha Coimisean na Croitearachd a' riaghladh agus ag adhartachadh mathas croitearachd ann an Alba gus croitearachd a dhèanamh tèarainte san àm ri teachd

Tha Coimisean na Croitearachd cùramach mu dhìon do phrìobaideachd. Gus an dàta pearsanta agad a chumail sàbhailte agus dèanamh cinnteach gu bheil e mionaideach, cha bhi sinn a’ tional agus/no a’ stòradh ach an dàta a tha riatanach airson ar dleastanasan a choileanadh mar bhuidheann riaghlaidh, mar a tha mìnichte nar Fios Prìobhaideachd

An Clàr Chroitean

Tha cuid de thagraidhean riaghlaidh a-nis a' piobrachadh riatanas do-sheachanta a thaobh do chroit a chlàradh air a' Chlàr Chroitean. Faigh a-mach tuilleadh


Contacting Us

Covid -19

The Commission is now accepting new applications, but as all staff continue to work from home and the office remains closed, these will be processed more slowly than usual. Any applications that relate to statutory deadlines, or which concern a Crofting Register form to notify the Commission that an event has taken place, will be given priority over other applications.

Where applications require a site visit, it will not be possible for any site visit to be carried out until the government eases the current restrictions on movement.Where any application involves a hearing, no hearings will take place until the current restrictions on movement are eased and the government has advised that public meetings (with appropriate physical distancing) can take place.

Approved Applications:

If you are a crofter who has had an application approved by the Commission within the last 3 months
Please read this important information regarding effecting Commission regulatory decisions.

You can continue to contact us by email and although we are now in a position to deal with phone calls to our reception line, few staff have access to work phones to make return calls and therefore the service will be limited. We would therefore ask that you continue to contact us via email. You can of course continue to use the mobile numbers on the Contact Us page of this website to speak with us.

The Commission understands that this is a difficult time for all concerned, but we wish to reassure crofters and their agents that we will continue to work to restore normal levels of service. It is unlikely that this can be fully restored until the government permits offices to reopen and for various restrictions on movements and meetings to be eased.
20 May 2020.

Coimisean na Croitearachd, Taigh a’ Ghlinne Mhòir, Rathad na Leacainn, Inbhir Nis IV3 8NW

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