FOI Request: 97278

Received: 26 March 2019

Division: Serving Crofting

Status: Completed

Request for information on how much money has been spent pursuing and financing case 83210 including government grants.

Decision: Partial Release 12 April 2019

We are unable to provide the information you require relating to how much money has been spent investigating the report of a suspected breach of crofter duties relating to 31 Camuscross (case 83210) as the Crofting Commission does not keep staff records which log how much time is spent on a particular case. As the Commission does not administer any government grants this information should be requested from SGRPID.


2018 Crofting Survey Results

Alongside the 2018 Census, the Crofting Commission carried out a voluntary survey to ascertain the current condition of crofting generally. Here are the results of that survey Crofting Survey Results

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